Themed Room Murals

This is the first documented kids' room that I have done.
The theme for this room was "Golf" because the baby's room
has a view of the golf course. It's a really nice view so
we (the parents and I) wanted to tie this in to the design.

The idea behind my design came from a brainstorm w/ a friend of mine. I was stumped as to how to
approach a baby's room design w/ a golf theme. We decided to make it playful
and made each hole on the course an island. The kids have to row to each island in their
little boats to play golf. In between, there is
an octopus juggling golfballs and
a seamonster munching on snacks (golfballs.)
The children painted into the scene are Xander and his sisters, Samantha and Sabrina.

If you like what you see, let me know. I'd love to hear feedback.

Welcome to Xander's Room:

Left Wall and Right Wall

Window (you can see the golfcourse through the window)

Closer looks at the Left and Right Corners of the room.

Our Sea Monster casually eating his "snacks" (the golfballs) on the beach.
Mr. Octopus Juggling his Golfballs.

Detail of one of the islands. Detail of the Pot of Golfballs at the end of the rainbow.

Sabrina (blue) and Samantha (pink) golfing on their island. Xander rowing away from his island.


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